The Angelbird

Photo credit Christoph Wilhelm, Berlin, Germany –


“Mythology is to invigorate life.” – Joseph Campbell

The Angelbird is a mythical winged creature inspiring people to remember their dreams about flight and freedom. Through mesmerizing movement and spoken word, the Angelbird engages the audience in a tale compiled from her own migration, adding bits of science and symbolism from art history, ultimately encouraging the audience to engage the imagination and take flight. And they do.

The experience is a highly entertaining, thought provoking, and deeply touching public performance ritual. Through the symbolism of taking flight, the Angelbird marries humankind’s mortality and divinity. The experience rekindles the imagination and catalyzes the power of the collective—to dream our highest hopes and aspirations into reality.

As a public performance ritual, The Angelbird shows up on the streets from Los Angeles to Europe, from Croatia to Poland, from Germany to Italy, namely Berlin to Rome, distributing messages from a bird cage inviting people to remember their wings and to fly.

The Angelbird was created by Elizabeth Yochim, a dancing art historian, who costumed as an all white-winged creature, performs amongst the piazzas and gardens, around museums and cathedrals, on trains and buses and within various congregations gently invading the spaces of our universal, communal psyche and infiltrating the pulse of the human spirit through the cadence of her artfully orchestrated wings. Asking the people that she meets, Do you remember your wings? & Will you fly with me?


Elizabeth is also an experienced art-world professional and founder of Participlay. Participlay is a Los Angeles-based creativity training and development company that leverages whimsical movement experiences to stimulate innovation, creation and collaboration, essentially using dance and movement as a catalyst for social development and change.  Participlay designs uniquely social, interactive, and participatory programming for museums, corporations and individuals. Participlay is for audiences of all ages ready to experience life and art in a new way. Elizabeth has organized art + play events in the US and abroad for over 10 years.

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