Flight School

“Nature is still ours. It is in us. It is in the Universe. And what is shows is that tremendum, that mystery, that was shown in the first place.” – Erwin Schrödinger, My View of the World

Flight School is an experience that explores and gives rise to our dreams of taking flight. Since the beginning of time humans have looked to the birds and winged creatures for inspiration and transcendence. Leonardo da Vinci, Chagall, the Wright Brothers, and Richard Branson, are just a few examples of our eternal fascination with taking flight.

I believe that all of us have a dream, an incessant calling, that sits in the back of our mind of what we really want to be doing with our time here on earth. It is an idea, a vision, an image that represents who we are and that we won’t be satisfied until, in some way, large or small, we answer that call with action. I believe that our dreams are like wings, and it is important to be in the pursuit of building them, feather by feather, and eventually taking flight.

Through the interdisciplinary approach of movement, writing, art making, and community performance practice, we’ll explore mythic tales of flight against the narrative of our own lives.

Flight School comes out of the unique combination being a dancing art historian and ten+ years of facilitating embodied play experiences, classes and workshops with people nationally and internationally.  I care about inspiring people, giving them the structure, permission, guidance experiences to feel free and move life from the inside out.

Flight School is available for all ages as a public spectacle workshop, interactive speaking engagement, and one-on-one process.

Come fly with us.

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