How it started


In August of 2013, I flew from Los Angeles to Berlin for the first time. As I boarded the plane the flight attendant handed me a copy of the days Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and on the front page was an image of a flock of birds flying over a large body of water and I took that as a good sign.

IMG_4418Twelve hours later I landed in Europe with a pair of white, feathered wings and the dream to perform in the streets of Europe from Berlin to Rome, visiting museums, cathedrals, street corners, gardens and piazzas, sharing a spirit of playfulness, hope, love and renewal through a series of site specific performances. And for the next months I walked and danced through the streets distributing messages from a bird cage, that were folded like origami birds, reminding people that they could fly, that they, too, had wings, and were always free.


IMG_4601      IMG_4603

_MG_8155s  _MG_8170s

DANNER_Elizabeth-Yochim_8764            ANGELBIRD_Elizabeth-Yochim_photocredit_Michael_Danner_2  DANNER_Elizabeth-Yochim_9246         IMG_4609

IMG_5697  IMG_5700

IMG_5115  IMG_5119   Nando  IMG_5042 IMG_5102       IMG_5105

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